50@50 - Completed, I've had an incredible journey completing the challenges, I can't believe it's finished, I know that every penny I have raised for Marie Curie will be so welcome. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to my fundraising appeal ❤️

#50@50 Another half marathon done, the old hamstrings are not happy!!

#50@50 Another half marathon down, thanks to Vicki for the after run massage to keep me going xx

#50 - Part 3 completed, Another slog around the hilly course, the old hamstrings are not taking this well so far xx

#50 - Part 2 completed, The wait to do the second half marathon of the day was really difficult because of the old legs seizing up whilst waiting 🙄

#50 - Part 1 is completed, The #50 November Nightmare session of 10 half marathons in 9 days.The Pumpkin challenge was a hilly multi lap event starting in the mid morning, Number #50 part 1 done, still have another half marathon to do later!!

#49 - Completed, I really struggled with the Nice Works Cannock Chase half marathon. Thank you so so much to the lovely happy volunteer marshalls. Thank you so much for the hugs on the finish line, they were so appreciated.

#48 - Completed, The Great Birmingham Run was an absolutely fantastic experience to run with the staff from the Marie Curie Solihull Hospice team. The support from the crowds was very much appreciated.

#47 - Completed The Warwickshire Triathlon in Stratford-upon-Avon was a great event, a lovely warm pool swim then a sunny bike section followed by a run along the river Avon was a beautiful setting.

#46 - Completed, The Great Scottish Run was an absolutely amazing event. The atmosphere was electric and the never failing support from the crowd and fellow runners was astonishing. This pair asked me for a selfie before I started, Sally Gunnell and Jenni Falconer were lovely and really interested in my journey. I did challenge Sally for a race but she chickened out saying she had a dodgy ankle!! Tut chew!! 🙄🏅

#45 - Completed, The Guardians of the COD RC trail half marathon was set in the beautiful Ironbridge Gorge. The "undulating" course saw me taking my own little detour in Telford Town Park which found me running around a load of plastic dinosaurs in Wonderland. It added a couple of miles on but I've never run past a stegosaurus before!! 🦖🦕 Absolutely beautiful free burger afterwards 🍔🍔

#44 - Completed, The UK Triathlon Events North West Triathlon had a somewhat soggy start. There was torrential rain all night long before which made huge puddle dodging a priority on the bike section. At least the grass was a bit softer for the run. Another great event with lovely support from everyone there xxxx

#43 - Completed, The How Hard Can It Be Events Yabba Dabba Do Half Marathon was held at Chase water in Staffordshire. The unexpected heat made for a challenging run. The course was beautiful and surprisingly "undulating" A lovely atmosphere with great support from fellow competitors and marshalls.

#42 - Completed, The London Duathlon was an amazing event, as the world's biggest Duathlon set in the beautiful Richmond Park it was brilliantly organised. The bike section was very interesting to say the least, with the speed of other competitors and curious stags I was glad to finish it in one piece!! 🏃‍♀️🚴‍♀️🏃‍♀️

#41 - Completed, The Battle of the Borders trail half marathon was possibly one of the hardest routes I have ever had to face, thank you so much to the fellow runners who were so supportive 💕