#40 - Completed, The RAF Cosford Spitfire Run 10K was on the day after the Brutal. After only a couple of hours sleep it was brilliant to hobble around the airfield with my lovely friend Rachel Green who was doing her first 10K. Lovely support from Rach, Beth and Marie who I have met on this challenging journey ❤️

#39 - Completed, The Seriously Brutal Duathlon threw everything possible at me during the challenge. 14 hours of non stop effort saw me beat whatever the course could throw at me. I still cannot believe that I have done it apart from the aches and pains in every part of my body!! 🏃‍♀️⛰️🚴‍♀️⛰️⛰️🏃‍♀️⛰️🏅

#38 - Completed, The Rocky Horror Picture Show Tribute half marathon was probably the weirdest event so far!! To be running 13.1 miles surrounded by loads of fellow runners, men and women, dressed in wigs, basques and stockings is not a normal thing to see in Shrewsbury 😳 The atmosphere was hilarious and the poor spectators were shattered after singing and dancing all the songs and especially doing "The time walk" for several hours 👏 Another great How Hard Can It Be Events race, not easy at all, the humidity and the multiple laps made it a real mind over legs effort ♥️

#37 - Completed, The Railway Ultra Marathon is the sister event to the same race earlier in the year where I completed the half marathon. With the support and encouragement from the lovely Jon Aston who ran with me the whole way, the race director and volunteers from How Hard Can It Be Events saw me complete my first ever ultra marathon!! 🏃‍♀️ I would have never believed that I would be able to complete these challenges but the support I have received has been truly humbling. It has made me realise that I can achieve whatever I want and that beating these challenges is possible for anyone if you are determined. The challenges are getting harder and harder with some really daunting ones coming up... 😳 Please keep following me journey because it is an amazing thing to be going through ♥️

#36 - The London Triathlon Completed, This iconic event, one of the biggest triathlons in the world, turned out to be a an emotional roller coaster. The swim was in the Royal Victoria Docks and saw 25 waves of triathletes starting every ten minutes. With the airliners from the City Airport taking off just over our heads and the deep water start made for a terrifying experience. After finishing the swim unscathed the bike section saw my world come crashing down around me. At the two mile point a puncture saw me sat on the road in floods of tears trying to fix it. The prospect of having to fail at one of my challenges was too much. A heart felt thanks to a passing runner who jumped over the road barriers and fixed it for me, the words "thank you" do not say enough to how I felt ♥️ The run along the dock side was made so much better when the lovely Annie, the swim start marshall, ran my last lap with me. Huge thanks to the staff and volunteers and especially Charlotte from Limelight Sports for all the support.

#35 - Completed, The Run Aintree Half Marathon was a great challenge in an incredible setting 🐴 The humidity didn't help at all but the love and support from everyone was brilliant. My favourite marshall ever, the lovely Josh, ran my finishing straight with me, I managed to beat him by two lengths over the finish line (he was slightly restricted by way of the fact that if he took his hands out of his pockets his trousers would fall down) 😳 Looking forward to meeting the Stig at Oulton Park in December again 👍

#34 Completed, The York Triathlon with very stiff legs and blistered feet from yesterday was a rather challenging event 😳 Thanks to the organisers, marshalls and volunteers for you support. I did manage to avoid the geese that refused to move off the bike course 🦆 It's been a long weekend but at least I have managed to swop my night shift tonight!! 🌃

#33 - Completed, The How Hard Can It Be Events Piece of Cake Trail Half Marathon was a the most challenging event so far. I cannot understand how for 13.1 miles it felt like I was constantly having to run uphill ⛰️ Unfortunately I didn't have time to bake anything for the cake competition at the finish line so decided to be chief taster instead 🍰

#32 - The How Hard Can It Be Events Independence Day Full Marathon - Completed. After the half marathon yesterday I had the crazy idea that my first ever attempt at a full marathon on a Denzil Martin "undulating" course in 30°C heat!! 🙄😳 After many hours I finished the 27 mile course with help and encouragement from all the other runners and especially the lovely Jon Aston who came with on my third and last lap ❤️

#31 - How Hard Can It Be Events July The Turd Half Marathon - Completed. The word "undulating" appears to have different meanings depending on who uses it!!! I was very very humbled to be presented with a hand made triathlon ornament for completing the Garmin Paris Triathlon by the lovely Race Director Denzil Martin ♥️