Challenge #11 - Completed, Had one of the most incredible experiences running this event, thank you so so much to all the people who came and supported us all the way around the stunning course, the support and camaraderie from other runners was incredible xx

Challenge #12 - Completed, 2.5 km Swimathon at Riverside, Stafford, managed to finish the 100 lengths on one hour forty three minutes, brilliant event, lovely helpers,

Challenge #13 - Completed, The KP Events Solihull Half Marathon in aid of Marie Curie done today, it was a hard run because I wasn't feeling very well, met some lovely Marie Curie staff from the local Solihull Hospice, hopefully it raised plenty of money for them, many thanks to the happy and supportive marshalls and volunteers.

Challenge # 14 - Completed, The Mash Running Cannock Chase Trail Half Marathon really proved to be "undulating" !!!!! Lovely organisers, very sad that some people thought it would be funny to move the route markers, still, the extra mile and a half was in a beautiful setting,

Challenge #15 - Completed, Brilliantly organised event with with a stunning course and great supportive race crew and bystanders, well done UK Triathlon for a must do event,

Challenge #16 - The Chasewater Easter Egg Run Completed, What a gruelling race in scorching heat with no wind or shade, great race, gobsmacked how the organisers managed to stop my cream egg prize from melting!!

Challenge #17 - The Birmingham Gungho completed, Had a lovely day at the Gungho Obstacle Race in Cofton Park, trying to get over huge inflatables in the middle of Storm Hannah was hilarious, A massive thanks to my cousin Eddie and his work colleague Steve who raised £80 sponsorship to go the Marie Curie, thanks to all who donated.

Challenge #18 - Completed, What a Challenge is was, the How Hard Can It Be Events May the 4th trail half marathon saw me climbing three valleys on the long mynd. I ended up climbing, scrambling, wading through streams and lots and lots of climbing. A massive thanks to the volunteers and race team. A special thanks to the walker who ran over to help me when I tripped over and skidded face first down the rocks ❤️

Challenge #19 - Completed, Back to the long mynd for the Revenge of the 5th trail half marathon, I thought yesterday was the hardest event I've had to do, doing the same incredible course today back to back with bruises on bruises and blistered and black toes was in a league of its own. I pushed myself as much as I could all the way, managed not to trip over which was a bonus. Beautiful bling from the How Hard Can It Be Events king of bling Denzil Martin. So so much thanks for all the support from fellow runners, the encouragement was so appreciated.

Challenge #20 - Completed, The first triathlon of my 50@50 challenge was the brilliant UK Triathlon Events Cheshire Triathlon, the swim section was in the Nantwich outdoor brine pool, the water was lovely and warm at nearly 30c, the bike section was out into the beautiful Cheshire countryside, the end run leg was set in Barony Park, a massive thanks to the organisers for an excellent event, a huge thanks to the other competitors and family for their support ❤️