Challenge #1 Chasewater Pudding Dash 10k Completed

Challenge #2 Open 2 The Elements 10k Completed

Challenge #3 Charles Darwin Day 1/2 Marathon Completed

Challenge #4 Cannock Chase 10 miler completed

Challenge #5 How Hard Can It Be Events Railway Ultra 19 Miles Completed

Challenge #6 - Jones Village Bakery Wrexham Half Marathon- Completed, Very hard race today because of really sore legs, the beautiful crumpets I was given for finishing should get me through tonights night shift 😫 love to all the marshslls,

Challenge #7 A great event at Chasewater, The How Hard Can It Be 100 Marathon Club half marathon

Challenge #8 The ASICS Race On Track at Oulton Park, A brilliantly organised event,

Challenge #9 How Hard Can It Be Events Groundhog Day half marathon - Completed, An amazing atmosphere at what could have been a gruelling run of 53 laps of a running track, and yes I did love having Baby Shark in the playlist lol

Challenge #10 - Completed, Had a brilliant time at the Running Grand Prix Oulton Park 10k, a brilliantly organised event, lovely supportive marshalls especially the two buskers half way round, even got to meet the stig !!!